Art Imitates the Unemployed Life…

by Crissanka Christadoss on June 13, 2011 · 0 comments

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Crissanka Christadoss is a recent Des Moines  transplant, having spent time on both the West  and  East Coasts before returning to the Midwest where she grew up. With a Masters Degree  in Health Communication from Emerson College in Boston, MA, Crissanka is interested in  health literacy and acknowledging marginalized health issues. Crissanka uses her  specialized training to create stories and messages that increase awareness for health care  organizations and relevant health issues. LinkedInTwitter

I remember seeing the movie “Up in the Air” several months ago. Have you heard it? Listen carefully…

I thought this song was a perfect beginning to this week. It isn’t a dance number, but I think it summarizes what you and others may be going through perfectly through song.

There is no definite answer to anything. Even those with jobs are frightened that their job will fall out from underneath them. The whole world lacks any sense of certainty.

Movies are picking up on the stories of our great recession; Stories are being told and explored. You know it’s true when art imitates life, y’all!

I wonder how future generations will be taught of this time in our history. I wonder at what point in time this time will really be history – we will all look forward to that. The future may not look bright, but we can surely listen to a song that talks about it can’t we? (Even though the song is a complete antithesis of our present and the song above…I had to at least  make your a Monday a little bit awesome, right? :D Go ’80s!)

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