“What’s Your Story?” asks Terri Mork Speirs

by Crissanka Christadoss on April 29, 2011 · 0 comments

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Terri Mork Speirs, a Des Moines area resident, writer, teacher, and communications and marketing professional, talked to Unemployed in Des Moines guest blogger Crissanka Christadoss about her latest blog project, “The Bad Asset Club.” The blog seeks stories from anyone who has been affected by the recession/unemployment.

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Terri Mork Speirs, President of "The Bad Asset Club"

Terri Mork Speirs makes a bad asset look good with her new blog project, “The Bad Asset Club.”

“I wanted to create a space that was fun and lighthearted. When the recession first  started, I kept hearing the phrases ‘bad asset banks‘ and ‘bad asset bonds‘ and bad asset this and that. It became part of the lexicon of the recession…I just thought it was funny,”

Speirs was affected by the recession and was unemployed for one year. Currently, Speirs is the Communications Manager for the Des Moines Area Religious Council and she is pursuing her Master’s in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Antioch University. Her specialty is writing creative non-fiction. A field study project for class helped her come up with the idea about a blog filled with stories from those affected by the recession and unemployment.

During her period of unemployment, Speirs said it helped to meet and network with others who were going through a similar situation, and most importantly, she said it helped to laugh and keep positive.

“There is a different kind of dignity and humility that comes with facing unemployment. Others I met were such talented, amazing people who just happened to be affected by similar circumstances. ”

With the space she has created with “The Bad Asset Club,” Speirs wants others to share their story and seeks submissions to the blog.

“I think it is very important to figure out what you can take and learn from these situations,” she said. “We can and we are going to overcome it.”

Her advice for those who have either just lost their job or are still seeking: “It’s okay. Take time to sort it all out.”

In the meantime, become a proud member of the “Bad Asset Club.” Submit your story, read others’ reflections, and just take comfort in knowing you aren’t the only bad asset around town. – Crissanka Christadoss

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